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Family Recipe Friday - Food For a Barn Raising

This recipe was re-printed in our family recipe book, it was found by a family member in a quaint old handwitten recipe book. I'm sure somewhere in the world this practice is still carried out in some communities where life is simpler.

Recipe For a Barn Raising
(serves 175 men)

Lemon Pies 115
Fat Cakes 500
Large Cakes 15
Applesauce 3 gallons
Rice Pudding 2 gallons
Chickens 16
Hams 3
Roast Beef 50 lbs
Rolls 300
Loaves of Bread 16
Dried Prunes stewed 6lbs
Stewed raisins 1 crock
White potatoes 5 gallon jar
Sweet Potatoes 5 gallon jar
Red beet pickles
Pickled eggs
Cucumber pickles