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Can I Turn My Love of Genealogy into a Career?

Occasionally a job comes to my attention that I feel is a good fit for a genealogist, something my readers might be interested in, so I post it for anyone interested.  It is from the number of hits on those posts that I began to clue in that a large number of you are looking for jobs in the genealogy industry.  Clearly, there are many genealogists out there looking for jobs or there are many people looking to become genealogists, either way people are looking and I’m not sure what that says about the state of things in this industry?

I know I have a cross-section of readers, some make their living from genealogy, for some it’s a hobby and for others perhaps it has been a hobby and now they are considering it as a business, for others they have made the transition from hobbyist to professional. Some may do it as a side job to their “real” job while others earn a living at it.  Which category do you fall in to?

I fall somewhere in between. In my situation, it started out as a hobby. I left my “real” job to become a stay at home Mom and I saw an opportunity to take up interests I had never had time for prior like genealogy.  I didn’t need to replace my income, so making money was not my primary consideration. Blogging and writing was an interest, making money at it was a perk (I’m still waiting for that perk).

 I now make a few dollars here and there writing articles on genealogy and managing this website (emphasis on very few dollars).  I love writing about genealogy, sharing my knowledge and being part of this community. However, I would not consider it a career. Therefore, I don’t think I am the best person to answer these questions for my readers. Maybe you can help.  Do you make a living at genealogy? Did you turn your passion for genealogy into a business?

 I know some of you write, some of you do the lecture and conference thing, while others are consultants and trace or write family histories for others. Is there money to be made here?  Which area do you find the most lucrative?

 I’m not asking you to share your annual income.  However, please share with the rest of us, how you got there? On the other hand, are you on the road to there? Where do you concentrate your efforts? Is it in writing books, lecturing, consulting or do you do all of the above?

I’m curious, and I am sure so are many of my readers. So feel free to share..... Do you earn a living in genealogy and how? 

This is your opportunity, share your story, include your URL for a little free publicity, what do you think it takes to make it in this business. Tell us what you think of the industry; is there room for more of us?

What best advice would you give someone looking to turn his or her passion into a business?  

Can I turn my love of genealogy into a career?