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My Seven Links

1. My First Post – I have to admit my writing skills have come a long way, but here is where my head was at almost 2 years ago, Never Under Estimate the Power of a Source.

2. My Most Visited Post- Family History Interview Questions is very popular on my blog. Many looking for help with writing their family history books find the list helpful.

3. A Post with a Great Discussion – My post titled Who Owns Your Family History Story? I think opened up some discussion about what we should or should not print in our family history books.

4. A Post You Wish You Had Written- Kerry Scott’s post from ClueWagon. Her two part series titled The Time I Hired a Psychic Genealogist was a hoot. Read the comments as well.

5. My Most Helpful Post – I try to write many helpful posts but I would like to think my series on writing your family history is very helpful. I have assembled them conveniently on my page Your Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Family History.

6. My Funniest Post – I don’t consider myself a funny writer but I love to attempt it from time to time, I think my post about my microfilm reader experience was my funniest, My Love Hate Relationship with a Microfilm Reader.

7. A Post I Wish More People Had Read – I’ve only just begun my newest series on Irish Genealogy but I hope to share some helpful hints on how to find your Irish ancestors and hope to draw some new readers in this genre. You can read the third  post in this series here, along with links to other posts in this series.

Want to participate in the 7 Links Challenge? Looking forward to reading your 7 links.


Linda Gartz said...

7 Posts Challenge:
Well turns out I am posting more this week than at any time since I started my blog on November 16th. No, I'm not trying to be an over-achiever -- it's just that this week is the main reason I started my blog in the past month: My grandfather left for America on December 24, 1910 -- 100 years ago -- and I have recently decoded (yes--decoded -- then translated into English) his diary of his harrowing trip. So if you all don't have time to post, I hope you'll take a moment to read my essays that attempt to connect my family's experience with the human experience at family Archaeologist.
So... on to the challenge

First post: really has to be two: Welcome on 11/16 & Can Love Last 100 Years? - first missive shared on 11/18.

Most visited: Also Can Love Last 100 Years? Lynn-thanks for you wonderful welcome as my first commenter! Link above.

Great Discussion: not yet. Some day. Although the deaths of all those babies on the Dec 7th "Life and Death Abbreviated"
and "Blended Family Breakthrough" on Dec 13th each prompted a heartfelt personal response.

Post on Someone Else's blog. Again, I'm new the genealogy blogosphere, and Armchair Genealogist was the first blog that really intrigued me. I've found so many other excellent blogs, but I wish I had written Lynn's post on "Seven Key Lessons in Editing Your Family History Book": Whew! I need that advice.

My most helpful post: Hmmm I can't speak for others, but perhaps "The Cash and Song Book" Dec. 21, which reminds us that at one time our ancestors didn't relegate their singing and creativity to "professionals." We are all creative and should celebrate it.

Funniest post: Well, my grandfather had a great sense of humor and it comes through in one of his books. See today's post: "Last Summer in Europe." It's cute -- not roll-in-the aisles funny. For that I turn to Clue Wagon -- any post I like dead people too!

Finally: I wish more people had read ANY of my posts. I really hope fellow bloggers check out my grandfather's diary of his trip to America -- departing on Christmas Eve, 1910, which will be posted 100 years to the date he left. Since all our ancestors made the trip here, a first-hand account may touch everyone as you think of your ancestors' journeys.

Happy Holidays to all, and thank you Lynn, for giving us this opportunity to share! That's what the holidays are about!

Lynn Palermo said...

Nice work Linda, I will be sure to take this time over the holidays to read your seven links. I love the whole premise for your blog of following your grandfather's journey through his diary. What a momentous event to print it online 100 years later. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Nancy said...

This is a great idea, Lynn. I hope I can fit it in over Christmas. Thanks for the suggestion.

Linda Gartz said...

Thanks for reading my post and commenting. This sharing idea is excellent, and I hope more do so!