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My Seven Links

1. My First Post – I have to admit my writing skills have come a long way, but here is where my head was at almost 2 years ago, Never Under Estimate the Power of a Source.

2. My Most Visited Post- Family History Interview Questions is very popular on my blog. Many looking for help with writing their family history books find the list helpful.

3. A Post with a Great Discussion – My post titled Who Owns Your Family History Story? I think opened up some discussion about what we should or should not print in our family history books.

4. A Post You Wish You Had Written- Kerry Scott’s post from ClueWagon. Her two part series titled The Time I Hired a Psychic Genealogist was a hoot. Read the comments as well.

5. My Most Helpful Post – I try to write many helpful posts but I would like to think my series on writing your family history is very helpful. I have assembled them conveniently on my page Your Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Family History.

6. My Funniest Post – I don’t consider myself a funny writer but I love to attempt it from time to time, I think my post about my microfilm reader experience was my funniest, My Love Hate Relationship with a Microfilm Reader.

7. A Post I Wish More People Had Read – I’ve only just begun my newest series on Irish Genealogy but I hope to share some helpful hints on how to find your Irish ancestors and hope to draw some new readers in this genre. You can read the third  post in this series here, along with links to other posts in this series.

Want to participate in the 7 Links Challenge? Looking forward to reading your 7 links.