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The Ultimate Genealogy Gift - A DNA Ancestry Portrait

You read that right, for the genealogist who has everything; you too can be the proud owner of an original work of art.

Through a simple cheek swab, the company DNA11 will convert your DNA into a work of art. DNA 11 sequences your DNA to determine your mt DNA Haplogroup. (your maternal ancestry). After combining your personal order ID number with the numbers and letters that represent mutations in your mtDNA sequence, they create a personal code that is unique to you. This personal code is then transformed into a custom canvas; you get to choose from 3 sizes and 25 custom colour combinations.

If you have already happen to have a DNA test, from say or 23andMe then you can use your existing results to create a work of art.

Once you have found the perfect wall space for your new portrait, simply scan it with your smartphone and open up your very own ancestry page on How cool is that.

Deemed as a great conversation piece....I’m trying to imagine that conversation....What’s that?.... My mt DNA Haplogroup!!!.................(enter the dead silence and blank stares).......while unless I’m having a room full of genealogists for dinner then there would be pandemonium.

Yes, you can purchase a DNA Ancestry Portrait Gift Kit, which can be wrapped and presented to your favourite genealogist. Of course, one of a kind art comes at a price, approximately $440.00; it won’t be something that this genealogist will be ordering anytime soon. My stocking will contain more practical items like.....socks.

What do you think, will a  DNA Ancestry Portrait, be on your Wish List?

Intrigued, check out the video.