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Nominate Your Favourite Genealogy Blog

Family Tree Magazine has once again posted there nomination forms to vote for the 2011 Best Genealogy Blogs.
This year there is a panelist of 4 genealogy gurus who will help direct traffic. Thomas from Geneabloggers, Lisa from Genealogy Gems, Randy from Genea-Musings and Dear Myrtle, need I say more.  There has been a few rules established, and some guidelines for defining blog categories. Of course the coveted prize is to have your blog listed among the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs in the July 2011 issue of Family Tree Magazine.   
I hope everyone gets out and nominates, writing a blog takes a lot of time and dedication, there is no money in it, and most days you feel like no one is reading or paying attention. For those who have the privelege of becoming part of the list it is a wonderful  pat on the back. So take a few minutes and nominate your favourites.
If you have a few blogs you regularly enjoy reading, then give them their recognition by nominating. You can nominate here, and read all the rules and guidelines. Good Luck Everyone.