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Family Recipe Friday - A New Blogging Opportunity

I love food and long before my passion for genealogy surfaced, my first and favourite past-time was cooking. It still is very much an enjoyable part of my life. However, these days it fights for time with my genealogy research.

In the last several years, as my genealogy research expanded so did my desire to collect and cook from old-fashioned heritage recipes.  I am recording the family recipes of my mother and grandmothers, some handed down from their grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  Food is such a large part of our story, our cultural identity and as a foodie; I feel the need to create a special place for it.

With the fall weather here, Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon (yup I said it), this is a time when our thoughts turn to traditions, and there is no bigger tradition shared from generation to generation then the family recipes of our ancestors, the recipes of our cultural heritage.

I have decided to start a new blogging meme, and invite my genealogy friends to dedicate a little space to the old-fashioned family recipes of their ancestors.

Family Recipe Friday will be an opportunity to post an old-fashioned family recipe. A recipe inherited from an ancestor,  a recipe you discovered through your genealogy research or perhaps a discovered recipe of your ancestral roots.  I encourage you to join me, write a little story about your recipe and post the recipe on your blog to share with others.

I believe this is a great way for many of us, to not only share our special recipes, but the stories behind them. It provides those of us who just love food to explore some new recipes and cultures. For those of you who were blessed with being raised in the traditions of your ancestors, this allows you the chance to share those memories and recipes with your fellow family historians.

Not only will this provide an opportunity to share recipes amongst ourselves, but invite any foodie or cook seeking an old-fashioned family recipe to discover one from no better place then a family historian.

Therefore, every Friday, post a recipe, with the title Family Recipe Friday, so I can find you. I will feature a recipe each week myself, I will also designate a specific Family Recipes page on my blog linking to your recipes. Thomas at GeneaBloggers will also be covering this blogging meme.

If you don’t have a blog to post your favourite  recipe, email them directly to me at [email protected] and I will feature it on an a Family Recipe Friday post.

 I am looking forward to exploring together, the recipes of our ancestors.

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