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Open Thread: What Are You Working On?

I'm always interested to hear about other family historians and their journey. Of course, non-genealogists would find our topic of conversation on the boring side; I however am always open to hear what others are working on. I know its summer, and perhaps many of you are taking a much-needed break. While some of you may find summer the perfect opportunity to carve out some time for your genealogy hobby. Possibly, you are taking a genealogy vacation then I would really love to hear about that, maybe you are trucking through some cemeteries or perhaps starting that book, you have been putting off. Maybe, you’re just picking away at some brick walls. Regardless, this is your opportunity to share your priorities as this summer meanders at about the halfway point.

For me, well the first part was busy with a family reunion and the release of my family history book. The second half is looking a little lighter. I'm switching up sides for a while and now working on my mother's family. I have another family reunion in Northern Ontario in August, so I am currently assembling my information on that side of the family in the hopes of seeking out some missing pieces while I'm there. The reunion is very near to where my Mother grew up, so we are planning a stop to her hometown, the local cemetery where her grandparents and many relatives are buried. I expect to come back re-juvenated and ready to get to work again.

What are you working on?