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My Family History Book - A Successful Debut

After 3 years of writing, creating and designing, we have released our family history book, The Waters of My Ancestors, The Kowalsky-Vogel Story by Lynn Kowalsky Palermo and Danette Rossi Taylor.  We pre-sold 75 copies of the book in advance and since its release have started a list for a second printing with a goal of selling another 20 books.

The book was received with rave reviews. I would like to share some of those reviews with you, not to brag (well maybe a little) but to demonstrate that your family history book does not need to be a boring, dry rendition of facts and that despite the work involved your family will appreciate it. Incase you haven't noticed, I'm on a mission to encourage all family historians to preserve their family history in a book.

Our goal besides providing a vehicle for educating our family on their history, and leaving a legacy for future generations was to create a book that everyone would read and enjoy. In that respect, I believe we were successful.

One of the first comments we received, concerning the book came from We used the My Canvas software to create and print this book. Ancestry actually proofed the book page by page and then called us to a make a few minor adjustments (they do not edit, or change content for you) they only pointed out a software problem and wanted our permission to fix it before going to print.

Their words to us “this is the most comprehensive and extensive family history book we have printed to date.” That was our first indication we had something special.

Once the book was released and my relatives had time to digest the 200 pages of history, the emails started flowing. Here is what some of my relatives had to say:

“Reads like a novel” .... Judy

“Truly a gift for generations to come, Thank You so much Lynn and Danette.” .....Marie

“This book is amazing” ......Lindsay

“What a treasure.” ........Donna

“It has made me laugh, pulled at my heart, and brought back many great memories. It was done with class and turned out beautifully. Definitely a keeper for generations to come.” ......Denice

“It is amazing, an emotional read. I can honestly say I feel Mom and Dad’s presence just reading this book.”.......Ron

“Wow!! Truly amazing. I can’t imagine the work involved, and just wanted to say Thank You for giving us the legacy in print to share for generations to come, priceless.”.......Dolores

“You did a masterful job.” ......Doug

“Great Job!” ....Rick K.

“Fantastic job on The Book....I think we should send a copy to Oprah!” ......Rik

Their comments quickly blurred my memory of the hard work and long days and nights we invested. I think my favourite moment was when my father opened it for the first time and started to cry. That mean't everything.

If you are interested in writing your own family history book , then read my collection of posts designed to help you create your own book..... The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Family History Book , I will continue to expand this collection with further information and knowledge learned including future experiences as I move on to the next book.