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Genealogy Magazine Ends Publication

I would like to share this announcement that I received this evening. We must say good-bye to another genealogy magazine, Discovering Family History. As a contributor to this magazine, I am particularly disappointed in this news. However, I am also contributor and fan of Internet Genealogy and Family Chronicle, so I hope if you are not already a subscriber please check out these two magazines. Here is a portion of the message from the Publisher and his reasons ending this publication.

From the Publisher of Discovering Family History

We recently made the decision to end publication of Discovering Family History. The last issue produced was March/April 2010. It was a tough decision but one we felt we had to make to improve the profitability of the company. Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy are still extremely strong and popular publications and we'll incorporate the "beginner" content into these magazines. Any finished articles already submitted will be rescheduled into FC or IG. Any articles for the future that are in the works will still be accepted and scheduled into the future issues as well. We will honor all author payment commitments. Although DFH was selling very well on the newsstands, with the stores taking an increasing number of copies each issue, we simply weren't able to get the new subscriber numbers to increase at a fast enough rate. The economy has been tough on us for the last several months, in particular the rising value of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar. The short of it is that we rely on a strong US dollar because 85% of our circulation is in the USA. It's not something we have much control over; we just need to do more to offset the effects of the currency situation. We're seeing an uptick in advertising which is nice because this area has been very quiet through the recession. We need to move forward with a tighter focus on FC and IG. The decision to close DFH makes this task easier.

If you are a subscriber to Discovering Family History, you will receive notice in the next week or two and you'll be given the opportunity to switch your subscription to Family Chronicle, or if you're already a Family Chronicle subscriber you will be able to extend your subscription on a pro-rated basis. For more information visit

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the above announcement. If you are attending the NGS conference in Salt Lake City next week, please feel free to drop by our booth on the exhibit floor in the Salt Palace Convention Center and we can discuss any questions you may have.