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Creating a Family History Book - Great Reasons to Consider the E-book Option

Most of us have seen the typical family history book of the past, photocopied pages of text with the occasional poorly scanned photograph, cheaply bound only to fall apart within a couple of years. I don’t think anyone starts out with the intention of making a crappy family history book. However, costs usually are a large factor when deciding between the crappy version and the coffee table book.

These days with print-on-demand easily available to anyone who wants to make a book, it is a wonder more people are still not creating family history books. You can go to any number of websites who will quickly make a beautiful coffee table style book from your family history. However, upon investigation it becomes clear that even print-on-demand has some issues.

One of problems with print on demand options is they are great if your book is not big. If you have a large family and your book is going to be a substantial size then you will pay the price. If you have a lot of genealogy, you wish to convey to your relatives, documents, a picture etc. than size becomes an issue. Often as the family historian, we are confronted with what we can include and what we must leave out of our books. Often a genealogist when confronted with this option will choose to get as much information as possible to their relatives at the risk of creating a cheaper book.

However, there is now another option. A Family History E-book may solve the dilemma of size over quality and should seriously be a contender when looking at your family history book options.

Adobe Acrobat Professional 91. It is affordable. You can create an e-book at minimal costs, the size and the number of copies has no effect on the price. You may wish to purchase a program but there are many reasonable price products on the market and the cost can easily be covered in the sale of the e-book. Perhaps you already have a program such as Adobe Acrobat then you are already on your way. The e-book is not only low cost for you to create; in turn, it becomes more affordable to your relatives. This gives you a greater reach, getting it into the hands of more relatives.

2. It appeals to a younger audience. We are often looking for ways to encourage the youth in our family to take an interest in genealogy. A family history in an e-book format just might be the innovative way to get this to happen. It is in a format they can relate to and a price that is easy on their pocketbook.

3. Environmentally friendly – It goes without saying you’re saving a few trees and everybody young and old is all about that.

4. Easy editing for an ever-changing family. You can easily update an e-book without reprinting costs and send out updates to family members. Alternatively, they could make insert their own family notes in their own copy of the e-book.

The e-book option is so easy to do you can offer both a printed version for those that want to pay the price and have the coffee table style book and the e-book version for those who want the family history without another book on the shelf.

I have no doubt books will never disappear from the shelf, but an e-book option is an affordable alternative to your hardcover book.

(Watch for Post 2- How to Create a Family History e-book)

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