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Open Thread: Your Impressions of Faces of America

I just finished watching the first episode of Faces of America. I thought the stories were impressive. It was interesting how they didn’t follow one story from start to finish, instead told several stories at once. I believed this helped to drive home the point this shows is attempting to showcase, the diversity of the American people.

I always love to see how moved people are when they begin to learn the stories of their ancestors. You can't help but be moved as well.

I could connect to the idea that we immortalize our ancestors through traditions. I related to Mario, who keeps his connection with his Grandma alive through his cooking, I can definitely relate to that. Mike Nichols certainly learned a big lesson to take the time to get to know your relatives while they are alive.

Two quotes I loved although we saw very little of their stories last night

Meryl Streep “We are the sum of all the people before us” and Stephen Colbert “I feel like I’m surrounded by other people."

If you haven't seen the espisode you can watch it entirely on their website today.

So now I turn it over to you guys, what was your impression of Faces of America. Leave your comments.