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Follow Friday - Irish Newspaper Archives

I am always on the lookout for a new databasess for Irish genealogy records, so I am excited to discover and share with you the Irish Newspaper Archives. Recently, having spent some time checking out this site, I am comfortable in suggesting those looking for Irish archives will be delighted with this website.

This database states it has the world’s largest collection of online Irish Newspapers consisting of national, regional and local titles. With newspapers dating from the 1700’s to the present, they offer over 2 million pages from 23 titles. They suggest more are on the way.

For genealogists, this website offers a wonderful opportunity to read pages of Irish newspapers on both national and regional levels through the eyes of the Irish press. It also provides you with a window in to the local news, happening in the towns and regions of your ancestors. In addition, these pages offer the family historian a chance to discover detailed birth, death and marriage announcements.

After arriving at the website, I first recommend checking out the Video to help you get acquainted with the site. After that, try the free search option. Once you have entered your search term, you can check out all clippings that are available to view containing your query.

This is where you must subscribe if you want to proceed. Subscription rates are available in a variety of price points.

24 hours for 10.00 Euros, this is the equivalant of about 14.00 Canadian.
48hours for 15.00 Euros
One Week for 25.00 Euros
1 month 60.00 Euros
1 year 350.00 Euros

Should you find an article or clipping you would like to print, you have the ability to print the clipping. However, it will appear with a watermark on it, if you wish to use the article for a book, or website, or project then you may make a request for permission to reprint it, in accordance with their copyright laws.

This website is geared to not only genealogists but also schools, libraries, societies and publishers. As and added feature, should you happen to uncover a newspaper you feel is of historical importance and display, you can purchase either a front page framed print or a leather bound book of the entire edition through their partner website

Irish Newspaper Archives is a very easy to manoeuvre website and it has certainly captured my interest in reading about Irish history in the pages of its newspaper. Even if I never find an ancestor, it definitely offers an up close and personal accounting of a time and culture I would love to know more about.

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