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My Best Genealogy Moment from 2009

I thought I would join the newest genealogy movement in sharing my best genealogy moment from 2009. A suggestion from Randy over at Genea-Musings. My best genealogy moment from 2009, without a doubt, would have to be finding and meeting with some distant cousins.

One year ago I knew only a handful of facts about my paternal Great-Grandmother. During this past year,  I had the opportunity to meet with two distant cousins from this branch of my tree. My cousin stumbled across our new relatives online at We have since shared our family information and filled in a lot missing information. We exchange emails on a regular basis, and keep everyone abreast on any new discoveries. My newest cousin Peter, keeps all the genealogy buffs in the family upto date regularly and sends out an emailing to what we are now referred to as the Stapleton Group.

We had the opportunity to meet our new found cousins and share a meal together. One year later, I have gained a great deal of knowledge about my great-grandmother's heritage and I now have some new cousins who I believe have become life long friends.
I am excited to see what new paths my genealogy journey has instore for me in 2010.