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Internet Genealogy- More Online Learning

In our ongoing series, Online Genealogy Learning- Time to Smarten Up, we have looked at a web-based home study course, we’ve reviewed podcasts (both free and subscription based) and today we are looking at Webinars all in an effort to improve our family history research skills through Internet Genealogy.  

Webinars are web-based seminars transmitted over the Internet and take the form of a presentation, lecture or workshop. This means you can go to school in your pyjamas. Unlike podcasts, the primary feature of a webinar is its interactive capabilities between the instructor and the audience. Webinars usually charge a price; they tend to run about 1 hour at a pre –determined day and time. Pre-registration is usually required and all you need is computer and a broadband Internet connection to join.

Today’s spotlight is on the webinars at Family Tree Magazine

Family Tree Magazine offers webinars that guide the audience through specific research problems. Each workshop lasts about an hour; you will get a download PDF of the slides once the workshop ends. A Question and Answer segment follows the lecture and Family Tree offers technical help should you encounter any problems.

Family Tree also offers access to past webinars. Needless to say, they are not occurring in real time and you no longer have the function to be able to interact with the instructor. However, at a reduce cost this maybe a great budget option for you. If you were looking to have some interaction with an instructor, and deal with some specific issues, then it would be wise to register for the live webinar to advance your learning.

Once you have completed a particular webinar, you have the capability to view that recorded webinar as many times as you would like.

Upcoming Webinars at Family Tree Magazine

Organization Made Easy: 5 Simple Ways to Get Your Family History in Order

On Wednesday January 27th, at 7pm EST for the price of $39.99 for 1 hour you will have the opportunity to learn various methods for filing your records; reduce the computer clutter and tips to organizing your genealogy.

Search Engine Tips and Tricks: Google Techniques to Boost Your Research

On Tuesday Feb 23rd at 7pm EST for the price of $49.99, Lisa Louise Cooke will instruct you on how to maximize Google to its full potential to improve your genealogy research.

If you wish to access past webinars you can download any of the following sessions at for a reduce price of $29.99

Photo Retouching
Brick Wall StrategiesI
Vital Records
Online Immigration Records
Family Search Essentials
Finding Your Family in Old Newspapers
Heirloom Preservation Made Easy
Online Census Secrets
Googling Your Genealogy

Webinars offer armchair genealogists a great opportunity to take an internet genealogy class without a huge commitment. Webinars provide a boost of knowledge to help improve your research skills, that in turn result in new family history discoveries, all at reasonable price from the comfort of your couch.