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Happy 101 Award - The Award Goes To.....

Thank you to Joan at for including me on her Happy 101 Award list. It is nice to know that I am making a contribution to the online genealogy community.

In the spirit of this award here are the 10 things that make me happy.

1. My two daughters- watching them grow into beautiful, intelligent self-assured women.
2. My husband - enjoying quality time together
3. Writing- I love the journey and the opportunity it provides me to grow.
4. Genealogy- of course, the discovery, the order and the wonderful community.
5. Traveling- I love the adventure and change from everyday life it offers.
6. Cooking - I love to cook for family and friends, especially Italian.
7. Reading- I love to be able to escape to another world through words, fascinating.
8. Babies- I love babies, especially Jack and Jude.
9. A summer's day by the pool
10. A winter's night by the fire

Here are a few blogs I would like to pass along this award to, they keep me informed, inspired, and entertained on a regular basis. Hope everyone has a successful 2010 Genealogy Blogging year.

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