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A Call to Genealogists- Help Change History

As genealogists, we deal everyday in history. So for a brief moment today, I thought it was important to bring two current news stories to the forefront. These stories are about how others can effect change in the life of our fellow man. We love searching out the history of our families, I know most genealogists can appreciate history in general. That is why two events yesterday seemed very siginificant to me and somewhat related, that I felt the need to share.
Yesterday Miep Gies died at the age of 100. Many of you may not know who she is, however, you will certainly recognize the name Anne Frank. Miep was working as a secretary for Anne Frank's father. The families became friends and when the world turned upside down in 1942, Miep a newlywed, risked her own life to help hide the Frank family. They hid them for 2 years.
After the family was discovered, it was Miep Gies who saved Anne's diary, returning it to her father the only member of the family to survive. It is Miep Gies, we have to thank for the Diary of Anne Frank.

If you wish to learn more about Miep Gies, you can read about her story at The Daily Mail, the article  Painfully Shy, awesomely brave, the unknow heroine behind Anne Frank's Diary by Glennys Roberts, is a wonderful article about a truly brave women from history from whom we can all learn.

The story of  Miep Gies offers us a lesson; that by  helping the most vulnerable in this world, in turn even one individual has the potential to effect change in this world, and effect the history, and the life of an individual for the better.
With that being said, today we all have that opportunity, with the tradegy in Haiti to help and effect change.  Please turn to your local organizations such as the Red Cross or World Vision and donate,  help the millions who are lost and suffering today. Help change the course of the their history.

I send out a call to all genealogist, family historians, armchair genealogists, and bloggers to call the charity of your choice that is sending aid to Haiti and contribute, inorder that we may all help effect their lives for the better.