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Build a Family Tree - On the Go

 Now you can build a family tree from your iPhone or iPod touch. Your family history research just became increasingly easier and more portable. just released an app for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Whether you find yourself in a library, at a cemetery, or with relatives, you will now have your family tree, readily available. Perhaps you need to verify a date, a name, or a relationship; you no longer need to carry around, your binder of information or a pedigree chart, as I often find myself doing.

Many times family members, who know I am a genealogist, will ask me about a certain ancestor in our tree. Often I can pull that information from my head, how geeky is that. However, not always, now I can quickly pull up my family tree with the Tree to Go iPhone App and answer all their questions.

This is a great tool for all armchair genealogists. However, not only can you verify information, you can also edit and add information allowing you to build your family tree right from your iPhone very cool. You can take photos of relatives, documents, keepsakes, a building and then upload them directly to your tree.

I will be honest, I presently do not own an iPhone or iPod touch, but seriously will be now be shopping for one for this feature alone. The idea of having a portable family tree and the ability to build a family tree from my cell phone has me quite excited.

You simply need an ancestry account and the iphone application, which you can download, from iTunes App Store and you will be able to build a family tree from any armchair anywhere.