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Advent Calendar-Holiday Birthdays

We all know that family members who have birthdays at this time of year can feel a little robbed. I try to take extra special care to make sure that isn’t so.

A special Happy Birthday to all my family who share a birthday at Christmas.

My husband Andy- Yesterday Dec 14th, poor guy spent the day with the flu

My sister Paula – Jan 18th, 1967, Centennial Baby! Born on the 100th Anniversary of Canada Confederation.

My baby sister Joanne- Tomorrow Dec 16th, 1967, Born the same year as sister Paula. Have a good one!

Great Grandmother Mary Ellen Stapleton Kowalsky- Born Jan 1887, Died Christmas Eve 1935

Great Great Grandfather George Vogel -Born Dec 22, 1844 , First Vogel born in Canada.

Happy Anniversary to My Paternal Grandparents - Ruth Vogel and Jerome Kowalsky married Dec 29th 1928.RIP.