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Great Gifts for the Genealogist - Buy Here!

Black Friday is here, and the holiday shopping has begun. If your looking for the ideal gift for the Genealogist in your family then here are the top 5 items your family historian needs.

1. Genealogy books, we can never have enough, from how-to write a family history to reference books.
2. Software, such as Family Tree Maker 2010, to create your own family tree.
3. A camera, can't be without it, for family pictures, tombstones and archive documents.
4. A voice recorder, for recording interviews with living relatives.
5. A laptop or netbook, portable and convenient for working anywhere.

If you don't wish to stand in line or fight the crowds then check out the Armchair Genealogist's Store, located on this page where you can purchase any of these items. Be sure you look after the genealogist in your family this Christmas.