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Follow Friday - Local Canadian Histories Digital Library

In a recent post, I expressed my delight in Google Books and the ability we have to create our own Digital Research Library. Now I would like to inform you of another website available to you, so that you may continue to expand your digital library even further. This library is located at The Our Roots library carries a collection of over 5500 digital texts on Canadian local histories.

If you are looking for information about the history of your small town, rural area, large city or maybe research on Acadian migration, the Metis heroes or the Irish at Grosse Isle then you should take the time to browse Our Roots.

These books have been digitized from libraries, archives and individuals across Canada. They are not for sale. However, you can contact the publisher for further inquiry.

You can begin to narrow your search by selecting to search within a particular province.You have the ability refine your search further by  searching title, author or subject of a book. Once you find a book your interested in, you can then search within the volume by a key word. You will receive a link to the page. This is a very easy site to maneouver offering a great deal of Canadian history.

A simple registration is required to have full access to the site and there is no cost involved to the user. Unlike Google books you cannot store your finds within your own library on the Our Roots site, however you certainly can bookmark your finds from your own desktop for easy reference. Happy hunting.