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Tombstone Tuesday- Helping Hands

Every time I look at this picture, I have to laugh. Every cemetery is a little different. Finding the tombstone you are seeking can differ from cemetery to cemetery. Most cemeteries are laid out in sections for ease of finding tombstones. Often maps are posted somewhere at the cemetery or online and sometimes you can even find an office with a helpful attendant and an online database.

However, before heading out to the cemetery always do a little preliminary work before wandering a graveyard. I thought I had done my preliminary work prior to arriving at this cemetery. I was able to locate an online database listing names, sections, and the number where the tombstone I was looking for was situated. Unfortunately, when we arrived we were overwhelmed by the size of this cemetery. After driving around in circles trying to find the section we resorted to the helping hand of a maintenance worker. With his map in hand, we followed him in our vehicle. Note even he needed the master map to find our tombstone. We had a good laugh. It was one of those moments.

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