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The Family History Blog to Book Project

Not sure where to start with your family history book, consider starting with a blog and transforming it into that long awaited book. Already blogging your family history but want to compile all that information into a book. This series will help anyone looking to create a family history book by using blogging as a tool to organize and write your family stories. Sign up to The Armchair Genealogist today so you don't miss a thing.

Why Consider Family Blog to Book Project?

The Family History Blog to Book Project

Defining the Scope of Your Project

Planning Your Family History Blog to Book

Why am I Writing this Family History Book?

Who Will Read My Family History Story?

What is the Larger Purpose of My Family History Story?

Mapping Content for Your Family History Blog

Map Your Family History Like a Best-Selling Novel

10 Steps for Turning Blog Posts into Story Scenes

How to Identify the Book Inside Your Family History Blog

Finding Your Writing Routine

8 Steps to a Writing Routine

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  1. I don't know where to post this comment. I love this site or blog or whatever you want to call it. That green box with FB and Twitter and other sites, covers up what I am reading and is very very annoying. How do I get rid of it?

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yes, that little green box is annoying, especially on a small screen. I'm working on changing it, unfortunately you can't from your end. Don't work it's going or changing.

  3. Thanks so much! It's gone. Now I can get to work reading the blog!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. Just a quick question. Where do you print your family history books? Have I missed that post? I was using to print my books and now they're out of business. I'm struggling to find a reasonably priced alternative.

  5. Devon, I have not discussed a lot about publishing as of yet. But I will be in the near future. I have used Ancestry's publishing My Canvas. It is a very comprehensive program, makes beautiful books. However, with that being said not cheap. I am testing some other options at the moment, one being Blurb the other Shutterfly. I will be probably writing them once I've gone through the process. How big of book are you thinking about? What kind of a book? Legacy book? Novel style? Are you converting blog posts to books? Where and how I print it depends on the size and style of book your looking to achieve. How many you need and are you planning to sell them? commercially? to family? would all factor in to my decision of where and how to get them printed.

  6. This is a great site.
    Well done - it is really helpful

  7. I am so glad to have found this site. It looks like a great resource and inspiration for those of us working on family histories, documenting, etc. I am interested in learning more about the publication of family histories and look forward to spending time catching up on what you've already shared. I'm anxious to learn whether the cost for producing hard copy will be reasonable or prohibitive, given the volume of information in many family histories, Thanks so much.

  8. Well!!!! I just found your site and wouldn't you know I too have been blogging my family tree history and plan on making it into a book for each of my sons. Here's the link to my genealogy blog:

  9. Just found your blog site and what a wonderful wealth of information. Yes I am thinking of putting my blog into book form. It started because so much of our early New Zealand history of many of my wider family members is scattered everywhere and sometimes lot in modern writings. Also blogging is a wonderful way of writing for our young family members as they are technology savy and enjoy seeing family history which is also history written like this. Thanks for a great blog site.