Trusted MasterCard Transactions at Fair Go

MasterCard at Fair Go Casino, one of the best payment methods for your gaming ventures. With MasterCard, you can make deposits in a safe and fast way.

Understanding MasterCard

If you've ever ventured into the realm of online or offline transactions, chances are you've rubbed shoulders with MasterCard. A global leader in the financial services space, MasterCard is synonymous with seamless transactions. It's a multinational corporation whose primary business is processing payments between banks of merchants and the card-issuing banks or credit unions of the purchasers.

Through the use of a MasterCard, you can make payments digitally and across borders, providing a secure and efficient method of transaction. This makes it a popular choice for players who wish to make purchases, pay bills, or deposit funds into online accounts, such as a casino account at Fair Go Casino.

Advantages and disadvantages of MasterCard

MasterCard is a very convenient way to conduct transactions. It has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Ease of Use: All you need is a valid card, and you're ready to roll. No need to dabble with third-party service providers.
  • Quick Processing Time: Speed is of the essence, isn't it? Recharge your account is instantaneous, and you can immediately start playing.
  • Widely Accepted: MasterCard is like a universal set of payment instruments It's recognized worldwide, making it an ideal choice.
  • Secure Transactions: Security is paramount, and MasterCard's advanced security measures ensure your transactions are safe as houses.
  • MasterCard Bonuses: Casino offers special bonuses for MasterCard users. Who doesn't love a bit of extra dough to gamble with, right? However, a few thorns come with these roses.


  • Possible Fees: Depending on your card issuer, you might face some transaction fees. It is always better to read information about possible commissions.
  • Limited Withdrawals: Unfortunately, Fair Go Casino doesn't offer MasterCard as a withdrawal option. You'd have to resort to alternatives like Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Geographical Limitations: Some countries may have restrictions on using MasterCard for online casinos.

Let's move on now and see how you can actually use your MasterCard at Fair Go Casino.

Utilizing Your MasterCard for Transactions

Using your MasterCard at casino is straightforward. Let's go step by step, and you'll be ready to roll the dice in no time!

  1. Create an Account: If you haven't done so already, create an account on Fair Go Casino. It's a piece of cake - just follow the prompts.
  2. Choose MasterCard: Head over to the banking section and select MasterCard as your preferred payment option.
  3. Enter Card Details: You'll need to input your card details - card number, expiry date, and CVV. Remember, your information is safe.
  4. Set Amount: Decide the amount you wish to deposit.
  5. Confirm Transaction: Once you've double-checked the details, confirm the transaction.

You just made your first deposit with MasterCard.

Making a Deposit with MasterCard

Making a deposit with MasterCard is easy. To do so, you need to follow a few simple steps. Step-by-step steps for making a deposit with MasterCard:

  1. Go to the casino section on deposits.
  2. Opt for MasterCard as Your Preferred Payment Option.
  3. Input Your MasterCard Details.
  4. Now, you're required to provide the details of your MasterCard. This includes your card number, the expiry date, your CVV or security code, and your name exactly as it's inscribed on the card. Your safety is paramount, our Fair Go Casino ensures the protection of your sensitive information.
  5. Decide on Your Deposit Amount and Confirm.
  6. Once you've ensured all your details are correctly entered, proceed to decide how much you want to deposit.
  7. After determining the amount, click the 'Deposit to Account' button.

Congratulations, you're now ready to dive into the thrilling world of gaming!

Deposit Limits for MasterCard

The maximum and minimum deposit limits with MasterCard at Fair Go Casino are pretty reasonable. The minimum deposit limit is set at $20. On the other hand, the maximum deposit limit is $500. These limits cater to both the high rollers and the cautious new punters. Now that the deposit is sorted, let's move onto the ever-important question: How long will the transaction take?

Transaction Times for MasterCard Deposits

A deposit transaction via MasterCard is instantaneous. As soon as you hit 'Confirm Transaction', your deposit is processed immediately, and you can start gaming right away. No waiting, no interrupting the game!

Withdrawing Funds via Bank Wire Transfer Using MasterCard

Unfortunately, you can't withdraw directly to your MasterCard at Fair Go Casino. However, a bank wire transfer is a reliable alternative. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make it happen:

Go to Withdrawal Section

Once you've racked up some winnings, head over to the 'Withdraw' section.

Select Bank Wire Transfer

You'll find an array of withdrawal options - select 'Bank Wire Transfer'.

Input Bank Details

Enter your bank details accurately. Casino uses top-notch encryption, so your information is safe.

Confirm Withdrawal

After double-checking your details, confirm your withdrawal request.

Bear in mind, though, that the transaction time for bank wire transfers is longer than for deposits. It usually takes 2-3 business days.

Accepted Currencies for MasterCard

You can use a variety of currencies with your MasterCard. Some of the commonly used ones are US Dollars (USD), Australian Dollars (AUD), Euros (EUR), and Canadian Dollars (CAD).

MasterCard Transaction Fees

MasterCard transactions at Fair Go Casino might incur some fees. The casino itself does not charge any fees for deposits. However, your card issuer may have certain transaction charges. We advise you to check with them before making your deposit.

Rewards and Bonuses for MasterCard Users

MasterCard users at Fair Go Casino can enjoy exciting rewards and bonuses as part of their gaming experience. While there may not be specific MasterCard-exclusive bonuses, all deposit methods, including MasterCard, are eligible for the casino's generous promotions and offers. This ensures that players can benefit from additional bonuses, free spins, and other incentives when funding their accounts with MasterCard. It's a rewarding way to enhance your gaming journey and increase your chances of winning.

Safety of MasterCard Transactions

You're as secure as Fair Go Casino. They employ advanced encryption techniques and robust firewalls to protect your sensitive data. Additionally, our casino is fully licensed and audited by independent authorities for fair play.

Support for Clients Using MasterCard

Your security is paramount when using MasterCard at Fair Go Casino. The casino employs robust encryption methods to safeguard your transactions and personal information. With this level of protection, you can confidently enjoy your gaming experience, knowing that your financial details remain confidential and secure. Fair Go Casino prioritizes your safety and privacy throughout the deposit process.


MasterCard is a payment method that has a number of advantages, making it a great choice for casino players. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned player, MasterCard at Fair Go Casino has got you covered. So, why wait? Grab your card and join the fun today!


Can I Use MasterCard at Fair Go Casino?

Yes, Fair Go Casino accepts MasterCard for deposits.

Are There Any Fees for Using MasterCard?

No, Fair Go Casino does not charge any fees for deposits made with MasterCard.

Can I Withdraw Using MasterCard?

No, Fair Go Casino does not support withdrawals through MasterCard.

How Long Does It Take for a MasterCard Deposit to Process?

MasterCard deposits are typically processed instantly at Fair Go Casino.

Is Using MasterCard at Fair Go Casino Secure?

Absolutely, Fair Go Casino prioritizes security and employs encryption to safeguard all transactions.

What Is the Minimum Deposit Amount for MasterCard?

The minimum deposit when using MasterCard at Fair Go Casino is $20.

Is There a Maximum Limit for MasterCard Deposits?

Yes, the maximum deposit limit for MasterCard transactions at Fair Go Casino is $500 at a time.

Are There Any Bonuses Specifically for MasterCard Users?

While there are no specific bonuses for MasterCard users, all deposit methods are eligible for bonuses at Fair Go Casino.