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Free Ebook - How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research

I'm a  big fan of Evernote for genealogy and writing. It's part of my work flow for writing family history books that you learn about in my ebook Getting Ready to Write. Over the weekend, I learned about this free ebook and thought many of you would be interested. Don't wait, I don't know how long it will be free.

What You'll Learn In How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research: Tools for Today 

  • how to set up your account
  • downloading Evernote for your mobile device or desktop
  • syncing between devices
  • setting up Folders and Notes
  • the value of tagging
  • how to be an Evernote power searcher
  • setting up research notebooks
  • mobile Evernote
  • Evernote apps
  • how to collect digital content
  • how to use Skitch - the free Evernote mark-up app
  • tagging geolocations
  • how to use Evernote with the iPhone's Siri
  • free ways to store tweets, Facebook posts and more to Evernote

The author Nancy L. Hendrickson is also a genealogist and has written many genealogy articles and a few genealogy based books so she has first-hand experience applying it to research and writing. 

Sorry, the author has changed this ebook back to $2.99 since posting. 
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Denise Olson said...

Thanks, Lynn! And Nancy! Great book.

Jill Ball said...

Oh, bother. Too late.

Trish Funderburg Walls said...

I'm too late, what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

It is a little irritating that the blog didn't state this was a short-term offer (though she probably didn't post with the idea she would be picked up by an aggregator). But face it, if you think this e-book might be useful, what's $2.99? If it's the principle of the thing for you, you can get pretty much the same thing from the Evernote website, and from other sources online I recently took a webinar talking about using Evernote as a genealogy tool).