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Discover Your Ancestors From The United Kingdom!

Do you have an ancestor or two that arrived from the United Kingdom? I know many of my readers here in Canada, the United States and Australia fall into this category and are going to be very interested in reading this new online magazine, Discover Your Ancestors Periodical. 

Discover Your Ancestors is an affordable UK based digital magazine that is geared to the beginner and intermediate researcher. If you're looking to learn more about the social history of your UK ancestors, if you wish to expand your  archive knowledge and learn research tips from UK experts then this magazine is not too be missed. 

Discover Your Ancestors, the magazine, is brought to you by the same great folks known for the Discover Your Ancestors bookazine. Now you can receive all the great features of their yearly bookazine, in this monthly periodical.

I love this magazine for its wonderful varied content. Discover Your Ancestors offers a nice variety of articles including everything from social history and case studies to research tips and interviews.  

You’ve often heard me preach the virtues of social history. It plays such a significant role in giving context and background knowledge for your research as well as writing your family history stories. When I saw so many wonderful social history articles in this first issue, I was sold.

Aside from the social history articles, the research articles and a wonderful author interview, suggests this magazine is on the right tract. I know my readers, researchers and writers alike are going to love it. 

Discover Your Ancestors is a wonderful resource for those researching their UK ancestors and want to be immersed in the time and place all while learning tips from UK experts.

As proof, here is a list of some of the great articles you’ll find in Issue No. 1 of Discover Your Ancestors.

Those Magnificent Men looks at the first British pilots, and how you can learn more about them online.

Suffer the Little Children by Sharon Brookshaw takes an in-depth look at child labour in England.

In A Ruff Crowd, we stroll inside a Tudor drinking establishment to see just whom you just might encounter in this exclusive excerpt from the new book Ye Olde Good Inn Guide, by James Moore and Paul Nero. 

Place in Focus takes an in-depth look at the various counties, issue one looks at Essex, one of the oldest counties of England.

Under research advice, Simon Fowler walks us through the UK archives, how to find what is online and where to find what’s not online, which is quite a bit! If you need some understanding of the UK archives, then Back to Paper is a-must read.

Joining the Dots looks at birth, marriage and death records since civil registration in 1837, how to break down brick walls with researcher and writer Jenny Jones. 

Writers and readers alike will love the Interview with Steve Robinson author of the genealogy thrillers In The Blood, To The Grave, and his newest book The Last Queen of England.

One thing I want to point out, Discover Your Ancestors is an easy read, great for beginners and intermediate researchers. The articles are clear, informative and with down to earth take away advice. 

Discover Your Ancestors is very reasonable priced at 12.00 pounds for 12 issues, which works out to about $1.50 an issue for my Canadian and American friends. Where can you find a magazine with such knowledgeable information for $1.50 a month, cheaper than the coffee you’re going to buy to drink while you’re devouring this informative new magazine.

If you're looking to expand your knowledge of UK research, this new online periodical, Discover Your Ancestors is shaping up to be a great resource.

(I enjoyed the magazine so much I have partnered with Discover Your Ancestors and I may make a small commission should you choose to sign up.) 


Steve Baldock said...

Being a 'Man of Kent', I would be willing to assist researchers who have ancestors in the East Kent area of the UK, having grown up there and lived there for the first 25 years or so of my life.
Although I am by no means an expert genealogist, I have been researching since 2008 and my local knowledge - and resources - may prove useful.

Twitter: @baldockfaggfam
FB: h**p://

Loretta said...

I just bought the 2nd edition of this magazine here in is wonderful. It has so many interesting articles and I just love it. Somehow I missed the first edition. I wonder if I can order a back copy...

Lynn Palermo said...

Loretta, you are referring to the yearly bookazine, I believe you can order print copies from their website.

Mariann Regan said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I've been discovering that many of my ancestors came from England to America in the 1600s and 1700s. Although I know the literature of that time, I could certainly know the social history better. Sounds like a good periodical, thanks!