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Map Your Family History Like a Best-Selling Novel

Today were outlining our family history story. As the next step in our blog to book project we are ready to lay out our family history research into a story outline. This is going to make writing our scenes and blog posts so much easier as we move forward.

This map will be our road-map, our plan to taking all those bits and pieces of information and organizing them so we can write the book that our family will want to read - a family history novel.

If you missed our last video you can find it on our Family History Blog to Book Project page along with all past posts.

So watch the video below and learn to map your family history story like a best-selling novel.

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Trevor Hansen said...

Video says private and won't play.

Lynn Palermo said...

Hi Trevor, sorry I kept it on private until it went live this morning. If you wish to view it from You Tube the setting has been changed now. Thanks for stopping by.

Andrea Kelleher said...

Love this video! I have to go back and watch this again.

Wordstock said...

This was very helpful as I already have all the elements but wasn't sure how to keep track of them. Thanks for the video.

Peg said...

Thanks Lynn. I think I will be watching and listening to this several times, and taking notes of course. It might be September before I can sit down and organize. There are so many things you mentioned that I just don't know, but since my last newsletter in May someone sent me a wonderful paragraph about my 198 year old protagonists, so maybe things will come along in time.

Debra Newton-Carter said...

I'm ready to get started and go...! I think I'm a bit old school...going the notebook with dividers route...but I think Mind Map is a great way to make a visual representation that will help me stay on track! Thanks, Lynn!

Linda Gartz said...

Excellent video and explanation, Lynn. I'm sure many of your readers are going to find this super helpful. I've started a similar map, but made by hand. I will have to try out the mind-mapping, which you've written about before.

Thanks for all your efforts to help others write their family history!