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Add This to Your Reunion Picnic Basket

It's summer time and for many that means gathering for the summertime family reunion.  Next week I will be attending a family reunion and besides remembering to bring my lawnchairs, sunscreen, a fine summertime drink, and some great summer foods, like that trusty old potato salad, I've added another item to my picnic basket - I will also be packing my Flip-Pal mobile scanner. 

Here's How I'm Capturing Family Photos at My Next Family Reunion 

I sent an email out to those attending asking them to bring along 2-3 pictures that best depict their family over the years. I also posted it on our reunion website.  At the reunion, I will be able to scan their pictures with my Flip-Pal and return them immediately. I love this approach because I don't have to nag them a hundred times to send me pictures, plus by scanning and returning them immediately, I don't have to worry about being responsible for those pictures. They also are more likely to share because they don't have to leave them with me. They get them back immediately. Everybody walks away happy. I'll walk away with a nice selection of pictures for my next book (Tip: make sure they own the copyright on those pictures, and they know how you intend to use them).

I'll share pictures of me in action next week, with lessons learned. 

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Linda Gartz said...

Another excellent and efficient way to grab those family photos on the run without nagging or having to run tot he post office to return.

Anonymous said...

While this looks good, it also looks small. I know you can stitch photos together but I'm wondering how well it would work.

I found the VuePoint Magic Wand Scanner and it works great and is even easier to carry. Only problems I have with it is that you don't know what you scanned ends up looking like until you put the mini-sd card into your computer and that scans can sometimes be "warped" because the scanner relies on you to scan it straight.

Lynn Palermo said...

@Anonymous, yes it is small because it is meant to be a mobile scanner. But I have yet to find it to be too small for my purposes.One of the nice things about it as oppose to the wand you do see your image immediately and there is no problems with it being straight. Does your wand scan to 300dpi(print quality)? It truly is a fantastic little device.