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Family History Writing Challenge - Meet the Participants

Family History Writing Challenge – Day 7

We are one week into our challenge, a quarter of the are you doing?  Some of you may be humming right along, while others may have stumbled once or twice.  Did you meet your word count or did you miss a couple of days..... some of you may have missed the opportunity to start this week, or don’t know where to begin. It’s not too late to join our 28-day writing challenge.

Let’s take the same approach as any diet. We start on Monday with the best of intentions. However, by Friday we may have faltered.  That doesn’t mean you can’t meet with success despite a slip or two.  Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t meet your goals this week. We’re all human; sometimes life gets in the way of the best-laid plans, so back on the horse and re-focus. As we start week 2, here is an opportunity to re-group giving you another jump-start on writing your family history.

This coming week we will look at drawing the most information out of your documents and some tips on bringing your ancestor’s character to life on the page.  There is still time to join us and pledge to write your family history.

Below is a list of family historians who have publicly stated their intentions, and made the pledge to take The Family History Writing Challenge.  They are all writing there family history in their own unique and creative way. Please stop by their blogs and offer them your support as they work through writing their family history stories. 

The Family History Writing Challenge


Kathy Reed said...

I signed up because I knew I had a topic I wanted to write up. But now I've completed that. I have a few more things I want to write up at this time, but I really need to go on a field trip to Columbus and do some research. I'm really happy with what I've done so far.

Kathy Reed said...

I'm EXCITED! I just did a word count and I've already posted 5000 words on my blog this month! Since I committed to 250 a day, I feel like I'll be able to "average" that by the end of the month.

Linda Gartz said...

Thanks for keeping us going. Congratulations to Kathy for her amazing word count. My blog is a part of the history I want to write, as I hone my translations of my grandparents letters from 100 years ago to create mini stories. As mentioned, I have several hundred pages of family history written already, but am using this week to "drill down" as you suggested to find the core of a story to tell (I have literally hundreds of possible stories). I just found (last week) a Valentine's post card, previously inscrutable, but because of practice in old German script I could now make out "greetings and kisses") I now realize it was written in 1911 (no date) but the contents show it's part of a thread of letters back and forth that I'm posting on my blog as Josef tries to persuade Lisi to join him in America. It's getting interesting. I have a "write-in" scheduled with a friend this week to push ahead.

Kathy Reed said...

I have read Linda's blog on a regular basis. I've really enjoyed watching Josef court Lisi -- even though I know the outcome.