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Tuesday's Tip - Google Search Updates

This Tuesday I wanted to bring you an update on the newest search tips available on Google. After some research it occurred to me that I needed to deliver this message through one woman; Lisa Louise Cooke. Lisa from Genealogy Gems has done an exceptional job at showing the genealogy community how Google works for family history research. In her lastest video,  she provides the viewer with some of the newest research tips in Google, including your social circle webpages, pages similar feature and searches related to list and finally the google timeline tool.

Simply click play for a quick 5 minute lesson and be up to date on Google's latest search techniques.


Nancy said...

Are you from Ohio, too?!

Lynn Palermo said...

No, Nancy, I'm from Ontario, Canada, why do you ask?

Nancy said...

Because when I looked at your blog last night there was what I thought was an election post encouraging me to vote for a particular candidate from Ohio. I didn't realize till just now (when I see a different ad) that it was an ad. I thought you'd posted it.... It sure fooled me! You've got a great blog. I enjoy visiting it regularly.